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Critical Reflection of my Prosthetic and Me.

I have learnt about the way i work and a lot more on topics that know but didn’t know as much as i do know. Before this assessment, I had never attempted any sort of story creation, let alone game story creation, and was therefore a little bit anxious as to how the quality of the product would be at the end of the project’s timeline. but I believe the quality achieved was of a very high standard, if not overall, as there are many things that i cut to meet the time frame we had and to schedule with all the other projects we had on the go.

The project idea was first conceptualized as an interactive website, much like a game, but would require a lot more work than one could possibly do in just a few weeks. This concept would have probably been feasible in the time given if the both of us were able to code at the level in which I could achieve it at, but that wasn’t the case.


I did a lot of research into a way to achieve such a project,  I have previously experimented with UI components and button-driven menus and dialogue before with manual creation of such menus, great for title screens and introduction monologue.  We came across a potential solution in the form of a Unity add on called Fungus. Fungus had simplistic programming concepts. Luckily once you know the ins and outs of what makes a programming language, you can pretty much pick up another language within a day or so as many concepts are translated transferable.

Overall, I have learnt so much whilst doing this project. I have learnt how to handle and fix the few issues I encountered along the way, and have taught myself very thoroughly, the ins and outs of Fungus, so that they are able to use such a powerful narrative solution in other games from here on.


I’ve had lots of fun across this project, as I love problem solving, hence why I think I do so well in the design discipline. In the process of creating this project, I have also learnt a ton of facts in field of current and future technologies in prosthesis and the processes that are carried out in the process of receiving a prosthetic, but also more generally in the subject of trans-humanism. Prosthesis may be given as standard stock or may be custom-made cosmetic looking silicone versions, with the latter obviously costing more. I did not realise how well customized prosthesis could get for an individual, down to the exact skin colour most of the time, and how similar the prosthesis dimensions are to their counterpart. I’ve learn that once you begin to look into a topic or a situation of human lives  and interaction you start to find all of these greater connections to other topic that can help you explain or rationalise or better inform you about what you want to know or give a bigger question then the one you were looking to answer.


The overall product of the submitted project, I believe, is an immersive experience, with a good story line, above the expectations anyone could have asked of me. I have many plans to improve on the game in the future, by adding more materials such as background music and audio effects, as well as polishing the visual effect to game experience for players.

Making this project and this trimester was a great creative experience for me and has changed the way i approach my creative works in the future, thinking more on a premise and how it relates to this premise , to how people will interact with a work instead the nut and bolts of the work it self. Making something work on different level first and then making it work physically.



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Dirty Particles Effects.

Our rolling drinking sommelier robot in Sommelier for a while were robots just sliding around a barn. This work for our game play and functionality but was lacking the is visual and polish department.


Unity particle system where I parented an empty game object so that I could set the particle effect to emit  as the player a direction to the movement thumb stick. This was designed to be short trail and I set up this effect so that it ran or 2 seconds and that the particles shrink over the life time.

Due to the fact of our characters have one large wheel i made the particles start their life a larger size the normal, this gave the look that the dust was coming from the hole wheel. There was a gravity add to this trail so that it felt it had a weight to it and not a solid straight line from the wheel.

The top image is only a default texture and a colour that pair with our ground texture.


This image above has a changed shader that has as tinted secondary colour this is so that the effect would smooth in to the surrounding environment. With the original texture you notice the difference between the effect and the ground or surrounding object.

The tweaking and little changes that can be made to this effect within the inspector are simple and after you are able to understand and combine these different tweaks the result can make you game or elements in you game feel a lot more coherent and believable.

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“Sommeliers” and “Prosthetic and me”.


Prosthetic and me.

These two titles are the things that have had my attentions focus for a far few week now but what i want to focus on is the background work on these game and how the work a scripting level.

Sommeliers had a lot of areas where myself and team members all tackles the scripting challenges at the some time to have a few head working out a problem but toward the end when broke up and focused on different areas of scripting.


Screen shake: this is something that can be done easy but also done badly. Some screen shake can be repetitive and the same every time it happen and this can hurt a game experience. What i sort about doing was making a executable so as i could use this not only for a camera shake but also anything that i want to shake.


Have the set up i could make something shake randomly over all possible axis or i could allow for the option to pick specific axis to shake. I called this on our camera and it work for a abrupt shake however later in the project i felt it could be better. I did look into springs like feel to camera shake but lost time to impairment. But this would lurp a camera position between two points in a floating motion, apply this to all axis would allow for a more realistic steady cam feel with i hope to look at in the future.



There where time were code that we were working on had myself and team member working together as is was something that effect both of us. The camera axis was a element that had implantation both in game and in menu to allow for player switching this during game. This was a task that was easier then first thought and i think got blown out of proportion though communication.


Prosthetic and me.

This was another project i worked on with a programmer friend. As i worked on most of the story and critical academic tie ins, I work on a part of the code or this text based experience. I did learn a bit a bout have to code this and interact and setup through unity.

See it here

Although i did not work on this code heavily i did find a few different coding functionality and worked a lot closer with a programmer then i had in the past to find out what information they need and it has shown the importance of a good Technical design document, ans working together on this from both a programming mind set and a designer mind set.




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Early Sommeliers Lighting effects.

In the early stages of the project, i made concepts level layouts during my trip to the Ekka (blog here). Once i have made this layout and through them off to my team members i look at how to light the area so a the players will want to pay attention to an area then other of the add a feel to the environment.

To start i made my wall assets with the idea in mind of light shining thought slates in the wall of the barn, this had me making easy variation in the wall design that is over on this blog.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Above was my first attempt at the is, having the deep blue was a way to give the idea of a night environment and then i added area lights to this as a way to highlight the main floor area and to illuminate the two side rooms the the barn. As this looked effect i didn’t have the pop of the shadow from light shining through the walls.

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There it is. Well hmm. As it was the effect i was looking for i was split between the two. In the first i felt the the warm lighting was better to highlight areas and have player be paying attention to the level and what we will have in it. Where as with the images above i like the look of it but i felt the areas of importance where distracted by these hard lines across the floor. After a run around the level i also found that when you span the camera there was a hash flicker of the lines of blue light.

Based on these negatives we went with the first idea of a soft blue light that high lights everything and allows for the interior lights to draw the players attention.

Moving forward i hope to be able to use light in projects to greater effect, this project and a lack of text as had me thinking heavily on other way to portray things to player during a game.


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Saying Thing. In French. Badly.

Recently i recorded my own lovely voice in a bad way for a good use. On your game Sommeliers, we have french robots casing and drinking  wine to say it for mankind. As our game is limited to allow for not text or work on screen during game play, the use of record voice is how we are looking to info players.

Check out our teams effects

So this as seen our three members of our team recording our bad french accents. Say funny phrases and statements was the first set that i completes. However these are french robots so i went about mixing the audio of my voice.


I used Audacity to record my voice assets, i had used Garage Band in the past but i sort out this program as a different learning experience to better my understanding of different programs and maybe come out the other side with a program i might use in the future.

To add a robotic feel to my audio I add a couple effects to my tracks, First i changed the pitch of my voice down. Which turns out not by much as i have a voice that is of a lower pitch to begin with. Then on top of this i added an echo to give a metallic ring to the track and to distort the sound enough from a normal human voice.

These elements although simple were effective in giving our vocal for our game the sound and aesthetic we wanted. Our Sommeliers now have a voice of their own.

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Making Music

A little while ago i set about making some backing music for my games and just to have a a little library of assets i can pull on in the future. As it is only a small one at this point in time, it will be something i add to when thew occasion arise.

These two music track were made in Garage Band, This is a program that i have had experience use a long time ago during my short iteration with music in few different as i was part of a three year long program that mentored performer and teachers in music with  student to collaborate on sound to make an album as the final goal.


Using the program was both a new learning venture and a dust off of some old skills that i for got that i had. As is was over 8 years ago this was

Both of these tracks i layers different elements to add a depth the what you hear instead of a start, finish, feel as this is a boring progression. Having different elements overlap or have elements louder then others allows for a interesting mix what you hear.

In the images below is my two tacks,

  • one image showing the the breaking down and sequencing of the elements with in the track showing how the elements have the moments where this is one sound having its moment over the backing.
  • The second (Game Music 2) shows how i was able to add drop out and increase of intensity so as elements would be about to accompany each other in the same sound space and not over power or drain out the parts i wanted to stand out over the others.

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This doesn’t mean that you throw 20 different thing in all at one as it will become a mess of sound. So balancing and have element have their monument to transition into an other element of the song or clip means that things are there for a reason and a purpose. As is many thing in the realm of making a game it self and music is one of these elements that adds a layer to a game but if this isn’t add in a way that adds to other elements it can feel like a big mess.

Track: Game Music.

The process of my design with this track started from the drum backing. I look at different ways to start this process with things like types of music of fro a certain game genre. but i felt that that is was getting stuck at impasses. the simple fact of the matter is i made these songs base a  backing beat that i felt i could add to. Following this i broke this take down to a intro, chorus, and bridge, will as much as one as i could in a track this short.

At the start i found three instruments or sound t set a collective of sounds. The progression of the song strips back these sound all the while keep the backing as a way for all the sound to stay connected. Despite the changes in the song the they are conjoined by the backing. This lets the rhythm sections to have there moment to move the song forward. By the end of this track i found the sound leaning toward something that of a space shooter. I tweaked the pitch and intensity of individual element and make some element start when one finishes as as key beats in the progress of the track.

Track: Game Music 2.

As above i started with a backing beat that i felt i could add to, after the first i decided to make something less intense. So i look for a jazz feel to the track i switch up the synthesizer to “abstract atmosphere” which is the high pitch moments in this song a couple this with 70’s piano to give the song a collective consistency. I add more layers to is track and i experimented with the drop of and fade in more then the first. I fell that this rising and falling in pitch of element helped the song flow from on element to the next. If there was solid stop start you would help the feel i was intending. I also keep a intro, chorus, and bridge so as the song had progression.

In the future i hope the iterate over this and improve them when i learn more interesting techniques.


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Working Sommeliers for the public.

The Royal Brisbane Show but for the young people thew Ekka. Has come and gone for another year. My relationship with the Ekka has gone from family event and slowly dwindled as i grow up and got over the event as a hole.

However after many years i have return to this renowned event and have had a different light shown on the hole thing for me. As being one of the volunteers of a the Ekka took on a hole new meaning.

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Pritish Choudhary and Jordon Dodds

View at

As i was there to represent SAE Qantum i took along my own work to give the public a taste of what our institute dose but to also hopeful show people that there is more to game then they may think. I is point in the project was working on the layout of our play are of our barn for “Sommeliers”

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I work on this element as i feel it would have more poeple looking and intersted instead a large block of work on the screen. Which turned out to be true, as there were a few moment where i found my self not working on what i came to do.

There were a few student and a teacher from Bracken Ridge State High School. Both the student and the teacher were eager to know more as the teacher was wanting to start a coding club and have more ways for student to do things that SAE has to offer. As our open day was the coming week end i offer up all the information i could to them and encourage the student that were excited to know what SAE.

A couple of the student notice what i was working on and began asking question. What program are available? What classes do i need to take at school to have a better chance at enter? How many words do you need to write?


There where surprised faces when i told them that the program i was using (Unity) and other modeling and programming software was free. This then turned into myself showing the two student the basics of unity and how the different elements work, hierarchy, the inspector, game scenes. I was asked if there is any right way to have the lay or to best use the program and again where surprise when i told them that is is best to find a layout that suit you are the task at hand. The use of hot key and the advice to take the time to learn the as it will help their use of a program so much more.

I share the website for the program and how to get them with the students and after they had left their teacher was greatly appreciative of the help and then asked her own question on more info on the institute and we help with info on the open day and contact for the bigger question she had that we couldn’t answer.

My actual work that i went to get done did get finished and i was able to offer up layout and design to my team as i had planned not to work on something that wasn’t achievable in the environment that i would be in during the day. I planned to work on something that didn’t need my utmost attention as it would have been unproductive.

The layout of choice.

This day at the Ekka turned out more productive in ways i didn’t plan however. Help people with information they didn’t know, i came away with the fact of knowing i changed a few people thought toward gaming and all other areas of study that people my underestimate.

I know this would be the last time i would get a change at an exhibition or the exhibitor

As a foot note to this hole experience and the fact that i was in the first group to attend the ekka i was able to inform other exhibit goers the best place to park and how the get to the hall we were in. To add to this try to get more info to hand out to people that were interested, however as the open fell around the same time chances where slim. But it never hurt to try then not all.


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Studio 1: 3DS Max and Making Assests

The making of  modeling assets for games.  Today i jumped into 3DS Max, having used the program Blender before is point a few times it was complete alien to me, but i had to familiarize myself with the lay out of 3DS Max.

I was able to answers a lot of my question here 

It wasn’t long before i knew my way around the basic and set about looking at making some basic object. But i tied them in with the theme of out current project, a barn.  This way if they turned out half decent they can be utilized for our first prototype .

To begin i started on a basic crate. With a standard box, and converted it into a editable poly, this way the program looks at this box as polys and vertexes. This ways you are able to add different lines line and more ways to edit. This is how i was able to indent the sides and then extrude the corners of each on to make the cross supports.

Screenshot (21).pngScreenshot (20).png

This wasn’t very difficult, but i did find the was able to achieve this a lot quick in the second attempt below, there is also a cylinder added to add to our theme of the futuristic re-purposed barn. This was done to pull away from the all wooden barn feel and an element of a futurist feel to play in with the robots that are our player character models.

Screenshot (24).png

With this grounding i kept the ball rolling and i was pleased with outcome of the first objects i looked at making a barn door. This was similar to the box but i had to focus more on the design and how to make basic spaces to look like effective.

Screenshot (23).pngScreenshot (26).png


These were a few other elements that i put together to help our prototype. With all of these assets i have made them so as they can be modular and with the fences i have made different variants so as when these are all used side by side they will not look repetitive, it is very difficult to do these and it help out more the you would thing to a players eye.

Screenshot (22).pngScreenshot (25).png

This is some thing that is use for assets and for material in all games. Making something that can be tied or is of a modular design is really effect way of making thin look and feel right, but are done with little effect so that they can be made on mass and placed into games and environments with ease.