Hacktivism, Good or Bad for a Modern World.


The term Hacktivism was first use by a Cult of the Dead Cow named Omega in 1996.

Hacktivism – The use of computers and computer networks to promote political ends, primarily for free speech, human rights and information ethics.

This suggest that Hacktivist wish to active a set of democratic goals. But is this action of Hacktivism really live up to this mine set and more importantly benefit society

By covering the history of Hacktivism, looking at key enforcers of Hacktivism and looking at outcomes of this compared to other conventional means of protest.


The first use of Hacktivism was in the form of a “Wank” worm used on the US Areoautics and Space Administration in 1989. “Wank” standing for, Worms against Nuclear Killers was the first worm virus to have distinct political message attached, and it was the first major worm to have a political message.

  W O R M S    A G A I N S T    N U C L E A R    K I L L E R S
 \__  ____________  _____    ________    ____  ____   __  _____/
  \ \ \    /\    / /    / /\ \       | \ \  | |    | | / /    /
   \ \ \  /  \  / /    / /__\ \      | |\ \ | |    | |/ /    /
    \ \ \/ /\ \/ /    / ______ \     | | \ \| |    | |\ \   /
     \_\  /__\  /____/ /______\ \____| |__\ | |____| |_\ \_/
       \                                                 /
        \    Your System Has Been Officially WANKed     /

  You talk of times of peace for all, and then prepare for war.

You talk of times of peace for all, and then prepare for war.


The worm coincidentally appeared on a DECnet computer network which is shared between NASA and the US Department of Energy days before the launch of the NASA space shuttle carrying the Galileo (http://science.nasa.gov/missions/galileo/). At the same time, there were protests outside Kennedy Space Centre in Florida of anti-nuclear groups regarding the use of the plutonium-based power modules in Galileo. The protesters contended that if this shuttle blew up like Challenger mission did perilously and the plutonium spilled would cause widespread death to residents of Florida. Despite the protest the launch went ahead, But is did spread an awareness of this the public and cost NASA a large amount of money.


The next subsequent attack was made by a group call the Zippies was in 1994. This attack was in the form of an email boom that distributed a denial of service attack against the British government website services. The protest was against the Criminal Justice and public Order act regarding section 63, 64, and 65. Titled Raves

A ‘rave’ is defined as a gathering of 100+ people, at which amplified music (‘wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats'[!) is played which is likely to cause serious distress to the local community, in the open air and at night. 

These sections give the police the power to order people to leave the land if they’re believed to be preparing to hold a rave (2 or more people); waiting for a rave to start (10+); actually attending a rave (10+). Ignoring this direction, or returning to the land within the next week, are both offences, liable to 3 months’ imprisonment and/or a £2,500 fine.

Section 65 lets any uniformed constable who believes a person is on their way to a rave within a 5-mile radius to stop them and direct them away from the area – failure to comply can lead to a maximum fine of £1000.”



 This was effective in that is disrupted government websites operation a full week and attracted great attention the matter however the bill still pasted. However was the first use of a denial of service?





The most renounced group of Hacktivism is Anonymous with was created in 2003 on the image board 4chan. The group is so renowned that in 2012 it was voted in the top 100 most influential people in the world by time magazine. This group focuses on the online presence and puts there message out to the world about issue they do not stand for. Yes this is a way to inform society of the travesties that are being committed but is this really do anything for the problems that are out there.

One of the Anonymous better protest was in 2010 a wave of protest, riots and civil conflicts known as the Arab Spring Uprising spread through multiple country in Europe. In November of 2010 the Tunisian Government blocked access to the WikiLeaks US State documents which detailed massive corruption and the Tunisian Government. Anonymous work a company to create tool to aid Tunisian with ways to be undetected while online.

Yes this help the Tunisians with their governmental issues and where able to see what was really happen but was this a good thing, besides known a truth that their where probably helpless to combat anyway.

But all Anonymous announcements have not had good outcome there have been many incorrect moments where innocent people have been the target of these moments.

–             a man was accused for being the officer responsible for the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, in 2014 in the United Sates, turns out the man wasn’t even a member of the St. Louis County.

–             After the Boston bombings in 2013, two innocents were named and shamed as terrorist responsible for the attack. Later in interview with ABC News they were horrified about the accusations. the link below show the full story.


Anonymous most recent Announcement was a “War on Donald Trump” with them have leaking contacts and email details of trump and his contacts. This really doesn’t achieve much at all, yes it has people talking and getting evolves and the topic of trump for president but really that’s it, this won’t stop trump or have Him pull out of the race. With all this publicity it will just help Trump presence in the online media be it good or bad ether publicity is good publicity.

as I write is there is now a video siding with trump saying that the first video is there doing from this site below.


not even people for the same so could group can agree so it makes you think what is it all really achieving.

Mistakes like this are the negative outcome of hacktivist which have more impact to society and individual. The impact of telling society about any announcement that anonymous back, is a good thing for society to engage in topic and debates that might not normally, but the downside of the mistakes that can be made is what has a greater impact on bystanders.

As a tool for freedom of speech and shedding light on topics in the public eye hacktivism is something that will be effect for the future of computer and get information to a greater audience, however is can be used as a weapon by unethical groups to cost millions to countries  and be extremely damaging to individuals in society

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