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Games for Young and Old.

323a8315078a3c1084281df298377b3bThis week we covered some interesting content on how creative media is developing content for different audiences and being aware of users accessibility (such as vision, hearing and mobility) or to consider diversity race, gender, sexuality and religion.

For any thing that you want to create in any creative media industry you need to be creating with a audience in mind and not yourself. This hasn’t been the case in industries in the past. Knowing your audience is and designing your game for them has been done in the past but the diversity of the audience or content has been set in similar trends.

When designing video games i want to ask myself ask yourself  “How will this person play, what do these people thing, feel, want to feel?”.  These are things as a white, male , age 25-35 I don’t know about when it comes to other demographics of people. This has giving me a greater drive to know more about area or about people so that i can better portray or honor a demographic.

horizon-zero-dawn-screen-03-us-15jun15The first video talks about the Bechdel test and how this was a way of including females into creative media and telling stories from another point of view or with other drives and priorities . This is something that is beginning to change for the better with game releases in the future.

dkhrlrsfnz5pehzbqjdcZero Dawn, Mirrors Edge, Dishonored 2. These three title are just a few the are examples of games of putting females in the lead protagonist instead of have females in a role so that they are just there for the sake of someone else. There are ways to promote women in video games without over sexualising them, using them as objects.

dishonored-2-mainWhat has come to my attention through this research that make for a stereotypes as it is important when creating content that expresses inclusive design, not just in gender issues but race and different sexuality types too. Looking into the different perspectives for expressing a social group other than your own is important. Its important to understand who you are trying to portray and get to know about the from their point of view and not what you think that point of view might be, this is how a lot of  miscommunicated accrues  due to a linear perspective.

Once we can cater to of points of view the game content of future title will begin to become more diversity and less receptivity and step away from the current conventions.

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What are your favorite video games and why?

This isn’t the type of job interview question you would normal hear. If 10 years a go you ask me it i would be studding video games and wanting to make them a career. I wouldn’t have said yeah that what i want.


This is who you would have been asking that question to.

But know i am here and I’ve got a lot of question on how getting a job in a field like this works. Where as before i would just be worried about getting to the next save point. now i want to know what an employer is looking for, if they want to know what I’ve doing where I’ve done it or if they are wanting to know what I am like as an employee.

After some research i found that employers when hiring for a job want to see what the person they are hiring is like and not only basing their choice on what the parental employee has achieved. For past interview I can remember i know think why did they ask that or why did they want to know this. and i thought at the time what the point of it was. It is because the employers need to know about how you tic as a human being and if they can work with that.

a5904dfc0b2b878472101f25bbb92d37 (1)In some cases employers will be looking for certain values, and you my have had to answer questions a particular way , this could be seen as a trick question which could make my slip up and maybe give a answer they are looking for. Your answer might make you seen overconfident and cocky and they might not be looking for that in an employee. Employers will also ask questions to try get an interesting, quick witted response to look into your values, knowledge and intentions in a different, industry specific light and these could determine if they want to hire you.

Through personal years of personal experience there isn’t a tried and true method to net you that job. Also no way that anyone can prepare them self for every possible answer to every question. I found being open and honest, mean what you say and say what you mean is a good start to having employer is who you are as a person and its up to them if they think you can be an asset.

So being honest to who you are is one thing but I come from dirty industry where the interview process isn’t refined as a collar worker environment. So did research into how to better prepare your self of an interview.

I looked into articles on my specific industry to prepare for possible interview situation

Do some research into the company and potentially employee bios if available to see what they expect in an employee.

These videos highlights important elements to be aware of when parenting for a interview.

Taking what I know for past experience and applying these need concepts to this new industry is the next step in gaining potential employment. Having a CV that gets the attention of the based on work achievements, the interview is the face to face time to cement a good impression  of who you really are and what you can bring to the table. Be honest and true, lies won’t do you any favors.

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Copyrights and Contracts?

This week content about copyright and contracts open up my mind to a lot of area of creative industry that I had no real previous knowledge about. In the past i have sign contracts and seen copyright on many thing but never really put any thought into it but now i’m in a creative media i can see its importance. I see that is importance is so that people works protected and if you agree to a contract with another party it is so that you and them are set a range of entitlements and rules to follow.

giphyThere isn’t anything in these group of content that i can relate to  my own experiences or know how as i have engaged in ether of these in a extensive way. I do know that it’s important to make sure I know where to use copyright  so as my work isn’t used in ways that i might not want it to or I don’t get the credit for that work. Also it was a good eye opener for me as we make a example contract and had to put what we thing into this document and it easy to underestimate the elements that are need into a contract. So that there are any holes or loop holes that might disadvantage you don the track. A massive amount of the contract was literally to tell both parties who held ownership the creative works, what happened to these creative works if the company where to disbanded or go bankrupt, if any royalties would be paid to the creator and in the event of an auction of the company’s content, where and who the content would go to first, just to scratch the surface. All of this wasn’t the first things to come to mind when i first consider what would go into a contract and these raised more question and confined that need to be defined. I see now that contracts and copyright are here for a very important reason and that they shouldn’t be over looked. they help out line and cover all parties involved and are so that if anything dose go terrible wrong there has been set in place a way to work through the difficultly.

By recreating a contract, it hgiphy (1)as opened my eyes to a new aspect of these documents in a professional mindset that I’d never even considered. Its enlightening to see what is covered in them, and something that I’m glad I learnt about. Now I feel my future work will be treated with respect, ill be better to understand and work a document to cover it . Ill find myself reading the thing with greater attention in the future.

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Your Income & Your Art

downloadThe lecture content for this week is was about income in our art. I’m not expecting to gain income from making games but it’s something that is needed to make them. This brought to the forefront of my mind that I’m not personally focused on the amount of money that I’m going to make doing this as a career. But the Praise I will get for the work.

I haven’t thought or really had any preconception of the amount of money I want to make. Most of my previous jobs I have done just to get money and haven’t really push for more money or complained about what I did get. The outlook I’ve have had is on the enjoyment I will get out of working in this creative industry and the positive effect and things that will come from my work instead of what monetary value that would come from it if any at all.

This got me thinking of the industry and the possibility of work, be it in a large company and guidance and working in a team or a small studio with a select team and a different working environment. I think the Amount of money I have won’t get me to either of these places. Among the material the term “Psychic income” didn’t have any resonance with me. Finding out that it refers to what you gain from work being notice it holes a lot more value than any amount of money can.

download (1)As my studies are my only step into this industry and this is something that I can begin to build and work on so that in the future it will give the industry a place to look and say “well OK this is what he has down what he is capable of” and hopefully greatly increase that chance of people seeing my work and something coming from this.

Without this form of currency video games and the industry wouldn’t be heading the way it is if popularity and have a greater audience of people seeing and knowing about people work. Wealthy Companies could pump out all this work and content and for what if one knew who they were. Twenty years ago this wouldn’t be possible but now with social media games and gaming are a big thing, even on level were people don’t even realize games are having an impact to their lives  This topic of “psychic income” is valuable, money, resource, hard work and income to pay for this work is what goes into making a game. But psychic income that is what sells a game.

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Your Professional Identity & How We Are the Same

This week I explored the similarities between different disciplines in the creative media industry and the hardships that are shared between each of them. Be it Low Pay, Job Security and Long Hours are all things the these disciplines struggle to balance.monopoly-guy

Some of which I already understanding of my discipline. And the most important thing in this creative industry is HARD work! The video in this week material of all different creative artist working in this creative industry many can find themselves working for larger companies in the industry, creating work that they may necessarily not want to be creating. Many of these people say they would rather be creating their own pieces of work, so as they would have a greater freedom to work.

Life doesn’t work this way and it dictates that we need a job and a career, so not having a job to pay the bills. we go out and find that “Pay’s the bills” job, so to say. I found that I could relate this weeks lecture to myself quiet easily. I worked as a cabinet maker for 6 year. Left the industry to looking in to gaming more then just what you play. I love my job but the industry didn’t have a bright future. But it set in place important skills such as multi-tasking, how to prioritize, job deadlines, helping and working with other in a group. It gave me insight that I can apply to this industry.

Another point I found very informative was the documentary ‘Inspire: A documentary about creativity’. Created by a collective group of industry professionals, explaining their journey in there industries and what they love about what they do. Some words that I found greatly motivation within this documentary were from Dawn Diovera – “When you have the courage to create, your willing to challenge the unknown, and its okay not to know!”. These words have a positive drive on my future ambitions in the industry.

Interestingly, the things I have taken away from this weeks lecture is I know a bit how having a drive to achieve your goal, and in the past I got to that goal different. But it work the same in a creative industry like this. By being confronted by these key factors of the industry in my first trimester with SAE, ensures that I am better prepared for the tasks that are to come in my studies and what they will fuel in the future