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Project Analytics.

Tracking analytics is helpful information to have to be able to see how your product is being used and where you may be able to improve it. During our project, we came up with what analytics we wanted to track from our users over the durations of their time with the App. We implemented Google Firebase and Google BigQuery analytics tracking systems, to record the different types of data for us to use to further our app.

Firebase receives information from a device and sends the data to BigQuery. You are able to view basic analytics in Firebase (number of users, location, model and app versions). BigQuery gives access and the ability to gather custom events.

Analytics events typically aren’t real time. If a device is connected to the internet, it is possible that will upload batched events after hourly time periods.  Firebase only updates at the end of each day so it can take 24 hours to see results. So this allows you the ability to track info over larger time periods if however, you are wanting the data the same day this is not ideal. You can, however, work this into a time schedule and would allow us to use info track on the next week’s work during development.

Here is the different information that we wanted to track from our users:

What amount of time are our users spending in exercises – This gives us an idea of how well users understand our interface or the possibly of where different questions that may need iterating to better understanding.

A number of incorrect answers the users receive.
This also gives as the IDs of these wrong answers. Information gathered this way will show us if answers are worded confusingly. This could also help us identify if these are correct but might be showing as incorrect.

What version of the app they are running. This allows for us to address future bug fixes and make sure that error users are having are with the latest version of our app.


The model number and Android Version they are running? This will also help with bug fixing.


Location. While our perceivable testers are in Australia at the moment, this is somewhere that can allow for further expansion of the users.


This information gives us more insight into what devices and people are using to play our game. It also helps with bug testing and deciding what platforms to focus on. Firebase offers many other useful stats like active users, retention cohorts and specific stats on each event.


This query shows users completing exercises and is tracking what answers they submitted.


Once this app was rolled out to beta and had outside testers, it would then be downloaded per day as a .csv file. This would give us the ability to sort info and track down patterns on user’s behaviours and make changes as necessary when this is being used for a large amount

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