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Design through Prototype

There are many ways that you can implement some prototyping and internal game testing for your own practices and with a team. Each of our team’s members went about designing and implementing our own sections of our current app project.  The section for my primary focus is an exercise that allows for the practice an awareness of “Setting up a Room” for an interview.  Other areas of design work for this project is looking into designing ways people can practice evaluating questions and situations as an observer.

When it comes to designing a concept or idea, being able to write a bunch of documents that say “X” is my idea is one thing, but you can refine this idea by visualising if this idea will work as a physical product by prototyping. Doing this as an individual is a way for you to make sure that your idea is achievable, but doing this in a group also has you getting immediate feedback on its functionality.


Our work area is well suited for this as it has a 4m whiteboard wall, to some that might mean nothing but it has become so useful in our design progress. With such a large space design can just flow and transform into creative things. The team and yourself can break everything down and scrap ideas ok idea one after another. the main thing that is a take away from this is prototyping can be done fast and consistently.

Prototyping in a paper from brings to light areas that you haven’t thought of and the element of getting someone to step through your or concept is a really helpful process. Once you have done this once you know have things that can shape another iteration, that you can do straight away.


The next step for this prototyping of my section of a room step was looked at and understood by my team and others that ran over my prototype, having more eyes of people from both inside and outside of design development. You want your product to be used by people so get all types of people to test or give feedback. This way you don’t loose time and effect and have to rework a bunch of digital work.

Making the room set up in the style of an isometric room with a simple style and easily understood, something that was consistently found from testers. having paper prototyped this initially we went about prototyping our whole app in a digital form. I look at this and how it’s helpful and what other products that I looked into for design, Here. But in short, this made testing and having people interact with your app in a form close to that of what is intended.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 2.42.02 pm

When it comes to making an exercise that has players looking a room and add and removing things to and from it the design about is something that people found a good and easily understandable.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 2.42.23 pm

The development tool above is where we transferred our paper prototypes into a digital format by using Marvel App. This online tool was relatively easy to learn in a short period of time. We put all of our ideas and designs together into a digital format which allowed us to exported to a mobile phone or internet browser.

These are simpler mockup app that allows you to prototype functionally for apps and all are worth looking at to see which works for you.

Having our app in a phone format became an excellent way to show our app to our stakeholder at our first skype call. Digital prototyping tools like this allow you to have something that is far more professional than just ideas on paper. We were able to step through the prototype thus far and demonstrate a solid idea. Having something with small functionality made it possible for the stakeholder to get a feel for what the app will be, we received positive impressions from the stakeholder who was happy with our progress and impressed by some of our designs for the practice app.

Room setup Testing.

With the use of the marvel prototyping program, I made an activity of setting up a room, removing elements from a room and arranging a room. These were all separate exercises during the paper prototyping and for the marvel app. This was something that was easily implemented for this prototype app. I did this to see if users would be able to understand and be able to navigate the exercises and complete the tasks asked of the users.

After testing this with users in the marvel app. I found users went through the exercises really quickly and understood what they were seeing and what they were doing. This knowledge of was something that was carried over into the beta builds of our app. As we were only able to get one exercise into the app we were, however, able to add elements of the other exercises into this one that was implemented. Because what was prototype was an understandable format to users and the clients, we were to iterate on the interaction in the room and allowed for not only adding items to the room but also the manipulation of fixed items in the room as this fitted with the action that was being asked of the user.

We were testing the usability of the app’s design that we had created at that stage, and seeing what the stakeholder thoughts and got feedback on what was implemented and if they were a suitable way of presenting to the user as intended. This gave as great deal of confidence and info to help develop this app further.

Thanks for reading.


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