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Tools of the Designer

As a designer, you are only as good as the tools and resources at your disposal. Anything from project planning to the collaborators your employ to your projects cause, the better your understand and use your resource and the smoother your project will be.

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What is out there?

This will be a look at some apps that are on the market that consist of elements of design that we can draw inspiration from to use for our own app production. Here are a few examples, I will be looking at what “practices” they allow you to do, but also how these portray practice and how we can adapt what we are looking for in these existing forms.

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Selling Yourself as A Product

A Business Model on selling your skills as a service. Starting my course I was always thinking of making a project, or eventually a product. Something that didn’t occur to me was the possibilities of doing what I have learned to help others who want a product that I’m able to produce. Making something for people that are not in this industry is a real market, I always looked for how I could fit into this industry and not necessarily how I can give other the access to this industry.

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Managing Methodology

After several projects, I have been involved in, This is the first that I have properly taken the role of project manager. This wasn’t my plan from the start but the best way to learn is to put you in a situation then manager as you go. So the methodology to use on a project isn’t something I know and have missed up in other projects I’ve worked on. To pick a methodology for this project I had to look at what information we had to work with, this in a way helped shape our pick too.

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Design through Prototype

There are many ways that you can implement some prototyping and internal game testing for your own practices and with a team. Each of our team’s members went about designing and implementing our own sections of our current app project.  The section for my primary focus is an exercise that allows for the practice an awareness of “Setting up a Room” for an interview.  Other areas of design work for this project is looking into designing ways people can practice evaluating questions and situations as an observer.

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