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Lets Talk Seriously About Games.

So what is a serious game? They are a game that ain’t what most people would think of when you want to have fun. Some serious games are there to entertain as the context is of a serious nature.

Whereas others deliver some form of information or training – “induce some kind of effective or motor learning” (Susi et al. 2007, Breurer & Bente, 2010). Like educational games which set out to help learn about the particular subject matter in a fun and engaging way coined edutainment, these game still have a lot of “game” over learn context. There are education games or material out there are more sold subject matter and less of the game.

These games are all ways of experiencing something new. However, a game about a serious subject matter is different to a game seriously teaching you a subject matter. This is something that I will be focusing on with my current project. I feel that ethics are something that helps differentiate these learning types of games from others.

Ethics comes into play in pretty much anything from content to design and to the individuals making and partaking in a game.

Design is a great little site with some very interesting incites into ethics.  Having looked at my own practices and made a small manifesto I found their manifesto on ethical design very helpful.

Check out the video here


The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) is in place to help ethics in the industry. The Code can be found here.

It covers the Principles, ethics in a Workplace and for people in a position of Leadership because ethic is something that only applies to some individuals.

This will be something I will be expanding on when my knowledge on this has increased.

Thanks for reading.


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