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Leaning How to Design Learning.

I would like to recap on the last few weeks as I feel I’ve stepped into a new mind space of design looking at how to design and create games for fun and entertainment or to convey a message has been some of the focus up until this point. Coming into my third studio unit for my course thinking I would be making games, only to find that wasn’t the case. Two words “serious games” and not the why you may think either.

Make a serious game that will allow the participant the ability to practice a skill. This is so left field to what I expected but had me excited to try and design this new type of experience one I hadn’t ever consider an option. You might say I’m biased on what a serious game is. (More on the ladder)

So we undertook an interview training program put on by out client, that placed us in the position of our client’s audience. What better place to be to understand what type product that we would need to design. but its one thing to know what they want people to do in their training but another thing entirely to now take a step back and design a platform to train these skills on.

There are so many different design challenges that began to hit my head that needed consideration,

  • How is the best way to learn outcome X?
  • What ways will be a good use of this digital form to practice and learn X that are not just a copy and paste of their training programs?

A lot of what we need to know at this point in time is what are people partaking this train and using these skill wanting to be able to practice? For this a survey that highlights a range of topics identified by the client would help us gather so of this information, normal survey people about something I was making happened once the thing was partly made not before but its all new ground for me and really makes sense so you can inject this information into a product like this. In a way your asking your target audience about things to help better make something that will help them. I’m having to flip normal process and in game design but in the instance it makes sense.

Interactive experiences have a lot of moving the part to make them work. But one important element that can affect the overall project is Ethics. I will look into this and how it can affect the content of a creative project and how it can also affect the creative process itself in a future blog.

Thanks for reading.


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