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Game Design from a Game Designer

Ken Levine – Video Game Designer, Creative Director, Author, Screenwriter

Know for – System Shock, Thief: The Dark Project, Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite.

After listening to a podcast on Idle Thumbs from Steve Gaynor call Tone Control. He speaks with his former boss Ken Levine about his career and creative process. This is a look at how this speaks to me as the beginner in the world of designing.

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What made “A Place To Call”

This post mortem will take a look at my final project for Studio 2, A Place to Call, looking at how it succeeded and where it missed the mark.

A Place to Call is a game that I made to evoke a sense of home. I wanted to do this in a different form and have some try to make home in another past home, I felt this was a different way of layering “sense of home“ in ways that people might not think of as a norm. Players take control of a player character displayed to the players as a set of footsteps walking around a darkened house trying to make a sense of home by collecting comfort and warmth to see out a night.

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