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Meaningful reflection


With Project 1 coming to a close and Project 2 about to get under way. The first few weeks of this trimester have been trying to say the least. Have not only need to combat back to back illness i took on the challenge of making a twine game solo.

Here is a link to my page for the game. Here

Not a greatly difficult task but not one that have not tried or would say that I’m greatly proficient at.I wanted to focus on getting players to feel and think about why they should or shouldn’t make a choice in a game. I made my story relatable to people and also influenced  it by my own story, so this way i see how people would act.

Capturing a story that makes people want to fell like they want to care. That might sound a bit much but i found that drafting a story with vague content and elements and not cementing a character or a situation means that people don’t have something to become attached to. Leaving the meaning or the feel of something open to interpretation mean that it will also be left open to people no feeling or not understanding the feel that you want someone to experience.

As writing is a area i haven’t work heavily in, this project was a challenge from the begin and unfortunately back to back illnesses over the short development of this project was not ideal. So the project is in a form that is some what of a story, however now that o must move on with different deadlines i don’t want this to just be shelved and forgotten about.


The areas that i focused on where that of choices and the out comes of these choices. Making players choices an option not based on this seems bad, this seems good, but instead think what happens if… or how else besides myself will this effect. I feel that this will have people thing differently about the answer but also have them think on a personal and moral level. What would i do if this were me.

I story that is told is of a time in life were you have left school and are looking to the next step, something that all have or will experience. From a designs perceptive this was something that i personally have thought about and thought what would i do different giving the chance. I what about to think of different situation which i think help my writing some what as i tried to retell my own story and hit a wall where i felt the material was to personal. Taking my story as an influence was better that way i could make and chance what i wanted creativity and not feel that i needed to stick to a truth.

I have learned a great deal in writing and how to approach make a story something that will be engaging and interesting. Its one thing to tell a story but another thing internally to make people engage in a story.

This story will be work on in the future and i hope this to become truly what i have envisioned.


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