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The Meaningful Design.

Meaningful design is something that Im wanting to achieve in my designs and also how Im perceived game designer, but I’m sure that every designer before me has said the same, but that easier said then done. Being asked the question of what do we feel is meaningful design means to as is tricky, but i believe i understand what this means.

Based on what i have learnt up until this point things that I learnt throughout studio 1, one really important aspects of game design is that everything should be designed with a design intent, from the smallest clutter to the central game mechanic should be intentional, otherwise there is probably a ready why it shouldn’t be there. Designing something with intent as many different form or reasons, but this comes down to one question for me. “What are you trying to say with your game” games that have made up to this point have been for a reason or a brief and i have come at a game design before with this question being the drive or goal.

My second studio looks like it opens the door into this area of design and I am greatly excited and curious to structure and maybe shift my thinking in design in this way. Out of what this trimester progress Im thinking about my outlook of becoming an indie game designer and also looking at post effect elements. Im looking to challenge myself in area that i can improve and also into areas that will help me “design” better. I think that making games meaningful will help cement designs  in coherent fashions.

The follow up question to “How will expressive game design help you become a better game designer?” . This is something that I’m still learn and forming though my studies. For me, designing something that poeple walk away from having experienced something that has them thing afterwards and just games that leave there mark on player even if it was in a small way then that will be a win for me. Im try to make games that might not be the normal or be what you might think of, with a core focus on a single central element, some thing different or having it focused on a theme that is a different experience of a pre existing idea.

On the post effects side of things, I have only recently seen this as a strong area in the design of a game that can have big pay offs. It wasn’t until the end of studio one that i saw its benefits and how it can be effective to a games impact. I want to focus on small simple project and have the time to learn more of the post process, be it visual, camera or lighting effects. At this stage I feel expressive game design could be made and be effective with a focus on the post effect as a way to make people feel and experience different scenarios. A side project that i have discuss with a fell designer is that of a “Lighting gun” which will allow users to shoot in first person, light sources within a game scene where they see fit and adjust them accordingly, granting more control and innovative input for creating, this is a different and less conventional form of a gaming experience.

Look forward for whats to come.