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Critical Reflection of my Prosthetic and Me.

I have learnt about the way i work and a lot more on topics that know but didn’t know as much as i do know. Before this assessment, I had never attempted any sort of story creation, let alone game story creation, and was therefore a little bit anxious as to how the quality of the product would be at the end of the project’s timeline. but I believe the quality achieved was of a very high standard, if not overall, as there are many things that i cut to meet the time frame we had and to schedule with all the other projects we had on the go.

The project idea was first conceptualized as an interactive website, much like a game, but would require a lot more work than one could possibly do in just a few weeks. This concept would have probably been feasible in the time given if the both of us were able to code at the level in which I could achieve it at, but that wasn’t the case.


I did a lot of research into a way to achieve such a project,  I have previously experimented with UI components and button-driven menus and dialogue before with manual creation of such menus, great for title screens and introduction monologue.  We came across a potential solution in the form of a Unity add on called Fungus. Fungus had simplistic programming concepts. Luckily once you know the ins and outs of what makes a programming language, you can pretty much pick up another language within a day or so as many concepts are translated transferable.

Overall, I have learnt so much whilst doing this project. I have learnt how to handle and fix the few issues I encountered along the way, and have taught myself very thoroughly, the ins and outs of Fungus, so that they are able to use such a powerful narrative solution in other games from here on.


I’ve had lots of fun across this project, as I love problem solving, hence why I think I do so well in the design discipline. In the process of creating this project, I have also learnt a ton of facts in field of current and future technologies in prosthesis and the processes that are carried out in the process of receiving a prosthetic, but also more generally in the subject of trans-humanism. Prosthesis may be given as standard stock or may be custom-made cosmetic looking silicone versions, with the latter obviously costing more. I did not realise how well customized prosthesis could get for an individual, down to the exact skin colour most of the time, and how similar the prosthesis dimensions are to their counterpart. I’ve learn that once you begin to look into a topic or a situation of human lives  and interaction you start to find all of these greater connections to other topic that can help you explain or rationalise or better inform you about what you want to know or give a bigger question then the one you were looking to answer.


The overall product of the submitted project, I believe, is an immersive experience, with a good story line, above the expectations anyone could have asked of me. I have many plans to improve on the game in the future, by adding more materials such as background music and audio effects, as well as polishing the visual effect to game experience for players.

Making this project and this trimester was a great creative experience for me and has changed the way i approach my creative works in the future, thinking more on a premise and how it relates to this premise , to how people will interact with a work instead the nut and bolts of the work it self. Making something work on different level first and then making it work physically.




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