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“Sommeliers” and “Prosthetic and me”.


Prosthetic and me.

These two titles are the things that have had my attentions focus for a far few week now but what i want to focus on is the background work on these game and how the work a scripting level.

Sommeliers had a lot of areas where myself and team members all tackles the scripting challenges at the some time to have a few head working out a problem but toward the end when broke up and focused on different areas of scripting.


Screen shake: this is something that can be done easy but also done badly. Some screen shake can be repetitive and the same every time it happen and this can hurt a game experience. What i sort about doing was making a executable so as i could use this not only for a camera shake but also anything that i want to shake.


Have the set up i could make something shake randomly over all possible axis or i could allow for the option to pick specific axis to shake. I called this on our camera and it work for a abrupt shake however later in the project i felt it could be better. I did look into springs like feel to camera shake but lost time to impairment. But this would lurp a camera position between two points in a floating motion, apply this to all axis would allow for a more realistic steady cam feel with i hope to look at in the future.



There where time were code that we were working on had myself and team member working together as is was something that effect both of us. The camera axis was a element that had implantation both in game and in menu to allow for player switching this during game. This was a task that was easier then first thought and i think got blown out of proportion though communication.


Prosthetic and me.

This was another project i worked on with a programmer friend. As i worked on most of the story and critical academic tie ins, I work on a part of the code or this text based experience. I did learn a bit a bout have to code this and interact and setup through unity.

See it here

Although i did not work on this code heavily i did find a few different coding functionality and worked a lot closer with a programmer then i had in the past to find out what information they need and it has shown the importance of a good Technical design document, ans working together on this from both a programming mind set and a designer mind set.





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