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Early Sommeliers Lighting effects.

In the early stages of the project, i made concepts level layouts during my trip to the Ekka (blog here). Once i have made this layout and through them off to my team members i look at how to light the area so a the players will want to pay attention to an area then other of the add a feel to the environment.

To start i made my wall assets with the idea in mind of light shining thought slates in the wall of the barn, this had me making easy variation in the wall design that is over on this blog.

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Above was my first attempt at the is, having the deep blue was a way to give the idea of a night environment and then i added area lights to this as a way to highlight the main floor area and to illuminate the two side rooms the the barn. As this looked effect i didn’t have the pop of the shadow from light shining through the walls.

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There it is. Well hmm. As it was the effect i was looking for i was split between the two. In the first i felt the the warm lighting was better to highlight areas and have player be paying attention to the level and what we will have in it. Where as with the images above i like the look of it but i felt the areas of importance where distracted by these hard lines across the floor. After a run around the level i also found that when you span the camera there was a hash flicker of the lines of blue light.

Based on these negatives we went with the first idea of a soft blue light that high lights everything and allows for the interior lights to draw the players attention.

Moving forward i hope to be able to use light in projects to greater effect, this project and a lack of text as had me thinking heavily on other way to portray things to player during a game.



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