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Brass Razoo!

About two weeks into development on Sommelier we were invited by facilitators to exhibit our games at the Brass Razoo! SAE showcase event on the 17th of August. With some what of a daunting exciting as this meant we would have to get our games to playable state to present a public audience in test of a test group. As this was a first for a studio 1 cohort we could prove that even in studio 1 you can make something great.

The showcase’s location was ‘This Must Be The Place’ in Fortitude valley, a small venue but was nice and packed with student games from Studio’s 1, 2, 3 and Final Project + a new title from Handsome Dragon Games. The night insensitive was going to be the visit from many prominent industry professionals based in Brisbane, including my old facilitator James Bowling which was awesome.

“The designers and programmers of Game Studio 1 had been tasked with making a prototype that showcases a clear core game play loop. Some of their creative limitations include using a third-person camera, an in-game location set after-hours, and no form of text after the main menu”.

– Sommeliers by Adam Crompton, Philip Oterdahl, and Nicholas Staracek
– Transmutation by Pritish Choudhary, Jordon Dodds, and Nicholas Lyness
– Snöfyr by Caleb Barton, Marivan Ebrahimi, and Joshua Textor


As studio 1 i know our games would not be the main draw card of the exhibition, I did have some interesting iteration with the public and devs that played Sommeliers. I got asked questions about my game design, my degree and SAE.

Showing off our game to the public was an experience that I’m glad i participated in this event, have all a lot of people circulating through this small environment and made for a lot of opportunities to get chatting to people about the games on show. I was able to gather some useful feedback on player motivation and player response within your game, as well as visually witnessing this as they are playing your game. It’s a play test experience on a hole different level.


It was great to chat with other uni member from studio class above mine, getting there thought and experiences and advise had me coming away from the night with a few new ideas and outlooks on my work and interaction in the future.

Before any of this at the start of studio 1 my out look to a career was something that i didn’t know to well or were i really saw my self in the future. After experiences  the projects i work on this trimester and the advice of Brisbane professionals. I’m not looking at AAA title as I’m looking at working in Brisbane or Australia on smaller games. After the Brass Razoo and the attention that iPad game where receiving and the fact that the professorial that attended were attached to iPad games that have don well in recent months.

Based on my work in class i have found that i am understanding and fine turning my working with collaborates and groups. I think that i would work will in a small team environment to help work other with the tasks that need completing. I enjoy have a few things on my plate at once and be involved with many areas of a game all together as a posed to work on a element and then dust my hands of it. see have all elements are interconnected and planning and design that at a high level sets me challenges and problems to solve. This is something that excites me and drives me to make new and creative things.



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