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The Art Bible and TDD.

During the last 13 weeks, there has been areas that I have identified as room for improvement. Not to say that they are areas that I don’t have a good understanding about it’s that they could have been forfeited better. Which I would like to break down.

An Art bible is a reference document/ guide that contains the details of what your game is going to look like. This is something that you can figure out with the help of a few question like:

  • What is your games purpose?
  • What do you want to achieve from your game?

With these question in mind your able to start looking at the artistic style you want to depict in your game and how this will specifically compliment you purpose.

The road block for our project was that of writing our games art bible and harnessing a reasoning or purpose of our game.

  • What were we trying to tell players during play?
  • What should players feel when they playing?
  • What do player take away from this game?  

After many different feel, we lead to comedic feel and in some ways we hit these markers with our game, but we were lacking to a degree and I fell that this was down to not honing down on this purpose impacted those issues.

Your game needs to have purpose behind it… or otherwise you are working a little lost

Having decided on a art style you can start to answer:

Why this style and how will it do what you want it to?

Answering this question there are different things to consider, and this isn’t something you can rush , you may have just chosen your art style because it was something you want to portray or  that seemed achievable , which in itself is something you want to be looking for but with the assurance that its going to compliment the purpose you’ve set out for your game.

Choosing to with a specific art style will directly impact the purpose of your game and the things that you’re trying to achieve. We went with a low poly with our art style to keep to a simple colour scheme for our game, our reasoning was that its would more achievable with the style and to fit with the length of project, but with a longer projects we would have like to elaborated on this and more thought and consideration into other art styles. This would have given us time to look at the benefits and downsides of using one over the other.

Technical Design Document

The TDD is something that didn’t receive the attention that it should have early on in our project. My understanding and realization  of its impact when done bad.

In planing stages we knew of sommeliers it was a while for us to pin down a core mechanics to our game and what the player experience would be. This didn’t help the iteration and proper break down of what we needed to plan out and what would connect to each other. As we did work out what “each other” was until we were making these elements, we didn’t see the possible problems this would impact until they happened.

Make a TDD in the beginning of a project help cement the plan and important that element have over each other and the best order the should be connected and structured so that fixes and changes later in the project are easier. Also so that you don’t have to pull apart half you project to fix a simple problem.

Having a TDD structure from prefab that the start would help for a few different iteration down the track.

  • It would make testing and changing of the scene or setting up of a scene easy so that changes are easy fixes not large reworks of assets .
  • structuring what a prefab needs would mean that additive of simple box colliders would need to be consider late project.
  • these above make different scene work easier and apparent to a team
  • would give all members a better understanding of scripts content and functionality

The take away is that mistake have been made, but I can learn from these and take this forward so that you can make new mistakes on the next project. Before this point i felt documentation as the part the you do to support the game. But its this documentation that should the law you adhere to for you game, if this is precise and heavily details so as the making of a game is more of a creative fun time instead of a frantic catch up of mistake making.


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