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Saying Thing. In French. Badly.

Recently i recorded my own lovely voice in a bad way for a good use. On your game Sommeliers, we have french robots casing and drinking  wine to say it for mankind. As our game is limited to allow for not text or work on screen during game play, the use of record voice is how we are looking to info players.

Check out our teams effects

So this as seen our three members of our team recording our bad french accents. Say funny phrases and statements was the first set that i completes. However these are french robots so i went about mixing the audio of my voice.


I used Audacity to record my voice assets, i had used Garage Band in the past but i sort out this program as a different learning experience to better my understanding of different programs and maybe come out the other side with a program i might use in the future.

To add a robotic feel to my audio I add a couple effects to my tracks, First i changed the pitch of my voice down. Which turns out not by much as i have a voice that is of a lower pitch to begin with. Then on top of this i added an echo to give a metallic ring to the track and to distort the sound enough from a normal human voice.

These elements although simple were effective in giving our vocal for our game the sound and aesthetic we wanted. Our Sommeliers now have a voice of their own.


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