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Making Music

A little while ago i set about making some backing music for my games and just to have a a little library of assets i can pull on in the future. As it is only a small one at this point in time, it will be something i add to when thew occasion arise.

These two music track were made in Garage Band, This is a program that i have had experience use a long time ago during my short iteration with music in few different as i was part of a three year long program that mentored performer and teachers in music with  student to collaborate on sound to make an album as the final goal.


Using the program was both a new learning venture and a dust off of some old skills that i for got that i had. As is was over 8 years ago this was

Both of these tracks i layers different elements to add a depth the what you hear instead of a start, finish, feel as this is a boring progression. Having different elements overlap or have elements louder then others allows for a interesting mix what you hear.

In the images below is my two tacks,

  • one image showing the the breaking down and sequencing of the elements with in the track showing how the elements have the moments where this is one sound having its moment over the backing.
  • The second (Game Music 2) shows how i was able to add drop out and increase of intensity so as elements would be about to accompany each other in the same sound space and not over power or drain out the parts i wanted to stand out over the others.

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This doesn’t mean that you throw 20 different thing in all at one as it will become a mess of sound. So balancing and have element have their monument to transition into an other element of the song or clip means that things are there for a reason and a purpose. As is many thing in the realm of making a game it self and music is one of these elements that adds a layer to a game but if this isn’t add in a way that adds to other elements it can feel like a big mess.

Track: Game Music.

The process of my design with this track started from the drum backing. I look at different ways to start this process with things like types of music of fro a certain game genre. but i felt that that is was getting stuck at impasses. the simple fact of the matter is i made these songs base a  backing beat that i felt i could add to. Following this i broke this take down to a intro, chorus, and bridge, will as much as one as i could in a track this short.

At the start i found three instruments or sound t set a collective of sounds. The progression of the song strips back these sound all the while keep the backing as a way for all the sound to stay connected. Despite the changes in the song the they are conjoined by the backing. This lets the rhythm sections to have there moment to move the song forward. By the end of this track i found the sound leaning toward something that of a space shooter. I tweaked the pitch and intensity of individual element and make some element start when one finishes as as key beats in the progress of the track.

Track: Game Music 2.

As above i started with a backing beat that i felt i could add to, after the first i decided to make something less intense. So i look for a jazz feel to the track i switch up the synthesizer to “abstract atmosphere” which is the high pitch moments in this song a couple this with 70’s piano to give the song a collective consistency. I add more layers to is track and i experimented with the drop of and fade in more then the first. I fell that this rising and falling in pitch of element helped the song flow from on element to the next. If there was solid stop start you would help the feel i was intending. I also keep a intro, chorus, and bridge so as the song had progression.

In the future i hope the iterate over this and improve them when i learn more interesting techniques.



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