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Working Sommeliers for the public.

The Royal Brisbane Show but for the young people thew Ekka. Has come and gone for another year. My relationship with the Ekka has gone from family event and slowly dwindled as i grow up and got over the event as a hole.

However after many years i have return to this renowned event and have had a different light shown on the hole thing for me. As being one of the volunteers of a the Ekka took on a hole new meaning.

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Pritish Choudhary and Jordon Dodds

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As i was there to represent SAE Qantum i took along my own work to give the public a taste of what our institute dose but to also hopeful show people that there is more to game then they may think. I is point in the project was working on the layout of our play are of our barn for “Sommeliers”

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I work on this element as i feel it would have more poeple looking and intersted instead a large block of work on the screen. Which turned out to be true, as there were a few moment where i found my self not working on what i came to do.

There were a few student and a teacher from Bracken Ridge State High School. Both the student and the teacher were eager to know more as the teacher was wanting to start a coding club and have more ways for student to do things that SAE has to offer. As our open day was the coming week end i offer up all the information i could to them and encourage the student that were excited to know what SAE.

A couple of the student notice what i was working on and began asking question. What program are available? What classes do i need to take at school to have a better chance at enter? How many words do you need to write?


There where surprised faces when i told them that the program i was using (Unity) and other modeling and programming software was free. This then turned into myself showing the two student the basics of unity and how the different elements work, hierarchy, the inspector, game scenes. I was asked if there is any right way to have the lay or to best use the program and again where surprise when i told them that is is best to find a layout that suit you are the task at hand. The use of hot key and the advice to take the time to learn the as it will help their use of a program so much more.

I share the website for the program and how to get them with the students and after they had left their teacher was greatly appreciative of the help and then asked her own question on more info on the institute and we help with info on the open day and contact for the bigger question she had that we couldn’t answer.

My actual work that i went to get done did get finished and i was able to offer up layout and design to my team as i had planned not to work on something that wasn’t achievable in the environment that i would be in during the day. I planned to work on something that didn’t need my utmost attention as it would have been unproductive.

The layout of choice.

This day at the Ekka turned out more productive in ways i didn’t plan however. Help people with information they didn’t know, i came away with the fact of knowing i changed a few people thought toward gaming and all other areas of study that people my underestimate.

I know this would be the last time i would get a change at an exhibition or the exhibitor

As a foot note to this hole experience and the fact that i was in the first group to attend the ekka i was able to inform other exhibit goers the best place to park and how the get to the hall we were in. To add to this try to get more info to hand out to people that were interested, however as the open fell around the same time chances where slim. But it never hurt to try then not all.



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