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Filling up and Cleaning out the Barn.

Building on my bank of assets from my previous blog, here are our player character bottles of wine and iteration on elements made by other team members

Robot Player Character

Here is the design i came up with for you robot Sommeliers with the hook and cork screw hand to fit with the wine theme. The two models are from our animators( Fiona Fotheringham and William Struthers) one as a placeholder and on our fine by the other of our final play test.

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The Robots design had a few factors taken in to consideration, the Practical elements were:

  • Having wheel instead of legs for easy of animation
  • the look of the hair and mustache for a comic french feel


The bottles for players to catch i modeled  from the images below so as our different wine in the game would have distinct shapes from each other. The colours of each was something that would help this also.

Wedneday Playtest Puzzle (03%2F08%2F2016)

The bottles were made draw a line in 3Dmax of one side of the bottle from top to bottom.This line follow the outline of the bottles on one side and the i was able to convert the line by adding a lathe to it to make the line wrap around 360 and make the shape off the bottle

max image of bottles

In my previous assets blog, i made object like crates, supports and the wall of our barn. these were use to for the different layouts of our barn (blog here) as after some play testing we felt out play area wasn’t quite right (Also blog here).

Since then we have had our animators rework our barrel model, and a the barrel work out great. The animator also allowed us to colour the rings of the barrel separate to the of the barrel it self.

It was however a little.. well little as one barrel doesn’t seem to say much in the play space that we have. I was about to take this barrel and created different arrangement of obstacles for our level. As can be seen in this blog of our rough layout that use our early assets.

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These where updated in different ways:

  • instance instead of all barrels being stake on top of each other laying them on there side to form a pyramid.
  • Walls where taking and broke in two to form a barricade. So this way it looks as if it belongs with the other objects around it.

The assets are all the same from barrels to crates but it comes down to the arrangement and variety these throughout your level that way less work and bring more effective out comes.

asset image crate cart boxes




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