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CIU211 Cultural Perspective : the Globalization of Gaming.

Since the beginning of gaming there as being a drive to make entertainment for the masses and have it be accepted and profitable. It’s come in many forms and has a several different companies all buy your business and well-earned dollars.


This has been in the way of console gaming and in PC gaming both with a very different dedicated fans and consumers. Every new generation of gaming console see a new market of games and more profit for their respectable companies. But this is where it end with countries of people play the games at home and interaction with people on line but this doesn’t have a global impact.

When it comes to a gaming market the dwarfs any other you only have to look to the mobile device at your side to find the answer. This market stretches to more  then just a gamer demographic as not never one will side down to play a console game or look to outlay a large amount of money on a powerful PC.

Mostly every has a phone and will have spare time at some point in their life to maybe tap way at a game for a little and this happens when most are out and about or on a lunch break.


With these games being a lot cheaper to make the console and PC counterparts these games can also have  high income of money as most are free to play with in app purchases being a way to make money on the product and it down to consumer impulse being the drive to revenue.

Here shows the average amount spent per player.


A strong want to travel is something that Globalization and people desires to see and experience new places and thing. Like Mobile technology people to newest and best and they want it on hand where ever they go.

Niantic is a developer that has focus on the these two wants new a couple of different ways one is a travel app that is a way that people can find out information about anything that my want while they travel, be it food entertainment, or the landmarks of the whole around at the current moment or place in time.

Niantic have also done this in their game Ingress which see people using their GPS location to interact and compete for territory in a digital space based on their real world location.


This is Niantic newest use of this technology and as they coupled with a brand so well known as “The Pokémon Company” the success of this has been amazing. Not only has this coupled the use of mobile gaming and people wants to be out and about. It has boost this with long running eastern band that both her an overseas is highly renowned.

However the success of this game hasn’t been without its down side incidents like:

  • Car accidents with people play the app while driving here
  • Shooting resulting from people trying to rob players of the game here

Being some of the resent occurrences.

But there have been good things come from this also, be it that some are terrible

  • A lady in the states find a body will Pokémon hunting here
  • Criminal found as he was playing Pokémon go here

Other place this game has had an impact it in the stock markets also with the very large over site from a lot of investors buy up great amounts of shares in Nintendo


However as Nintendo isn’t the creators and only have a very small amount of share in the Pokémon Company this turn out to be a lot of nothing. As during a reveal of their forward earning the company told investor that they didn’t make the game and don’t hold much of the expected profit form the title.

So what does this mean for mobile gaming as a whole from a stand point of a consumer I don’t think that it will change how gaming continues to be assess and interacted, from an investors side of thing in the global markets does this mean that only games that so this level of interest will thrive or will this not have an impact on the future of games.




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