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Studio 1: 3DS Max and Making Assests

The making of  modeling assets for games.  Today i jumped into 3DS Max, having used the program Blender before is point a few times it was complete alien to me, but i had to familiarize myself with the lay out of 3DS Max.

I was able to answers a lot of my question here 

It wasn’t long before i knew my way around the basic and set about looking at making some basic object. But i tied them in with the theme of out current project, a barn.  This way if they turned out half decent they can be utilized for our first prototype .

To begin i started on a basic crate. With a standard box, and converted it into a editable poly, this way the program looks at this box as polys and vertexes. This ways you are able to add different lines line and more ways to edit. This is how i was able to indent the sides and then extrude the corners of each on to make the cross supports.

Screenshot (21).pngScreenshot (20).png

This wasn’t very difficult, but i did find the was able to achieve this a lot quick in the second attempt below, there is also a cylinder added to add to our theme of the futuristic re-purposed barn. This was done to pull away from the all wooden barn feel and an element of a futurist feel to play in with the robots that are our player character models.

Screenshot (24).png

With this grounding i kept the ball rolling and i was pleased with outcome of the first objects i looked at making a barn door. This was similar to the box but i had to focus more on the design and how to make basic spaces to look like effective.

Screenshot (23).pngScreenshot (26).png


These were a few other elements that i put together to help our prototype. With all of these assets i have made them so as they can be modular and with the fences i have made different variants so as when these are all used side by side they will not look repetitive, it is very difficult to do these and it help out more the you would thing to a players eye.

Screenshot (22).pngScreenshot (25).png

This is some thing that is use for assets and for material in all games. Making something that can be tied or is of a modular design is really effect way of making thin look and feel right, but are done with little effect so that they can be made on mass and placed into games and environments with ease.



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