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Hay! It’s a Barn.

See what I did there.

But what is this really for? In the last week there has been a lot happening with is being one of them and I’ll explain the rest with more blog this coming week.

We are working on a new game called Motion_Exitus, a Futuristic World War setting. The barn is a production line for robotic soldiers, were 3 of these robots have a bug in their AI, and are trying to escape the barn’s maximum security protection.


Using Fallout 4’s Build mode and new content of barn build components, I look to making a physical are and design to better help our team and collaborators a better idea of what it is we are look to portray.

Instead of an awkward meeting or chat trying to explain an idea that might get misconstrued in translation. With these images of my mock up.

It wasn’t just a matter of throwing a bunch of prefabs together. In our Art bible there are several example images that I pulled different aspects of the architecture from.



There several design reason for the 3 step roof style barn

  • There was the need for a large floor space to the barn to allow for an eventual 4 space division
  • The high centre atrium in the middle of the design for a place to exit barn but also that there is pretension for vertically in the levels design.
  • Having the window of this style barn higher up the barns structure will allow for lighting to play a part in the environment.


This style is one that we are looking toward as it will be better suited to our requirements these styles below with a single roof style and no side wings. With the art style we are looking to use these would be very fun to use, but to scale this up to meet our need for a large barn with good floor space these would look comical and silly.

Untitled document (2)

1.Wall and split roof, knowing that the area of game play needed to allow for a third person camera i allowed for the design to be of some hight so that the player would not need to wrestle the camera with over head obstacles. I had this to begin as a “we need x amount of head space” ” ok double it”. As fallout 4’s  wall pieces work to a 1 high, and half high scale i felt that doubling the 1 high walls would suit the grandeur of a barn better.

2. Center Atrium and Barn ends, In the image about what is outlined by the read box was actually the beginning  idea for the barn structure i had in my mind. It was until i saw this in a physical scene that i realised that it would fit what we were after in a size and atheistic. However i felt that the look of having these window on the end of the barn would still look effective and not leave the end of the barn bare. So i endeavored to adept the size of the barn and keep these windows as part of the final aesthetic.

3. High Windows and Barn Hight, Due to the point above i look at making the barn higher as later down the the design process this would help our core mechanic as there would be more space and allow for verticality. I also however didn’t want the barn to look out of proportion but just making it taller. I research barn designs and saw about making the roof drop down in steps to allow for a transition in the height this also made the floor space feel adequate and not too large. Also the step allowed for the windows that would give possibility for the interesting use of lighting and draw the eye to the upper area of the barn.

This is just the start of our third project and I look forward to update on our progress and how our design take shape over the coming weeks.


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