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Studio 1 Say what I mean, Write what i say.

A week past now I had my TSSK (Transferable soft skills) meeting, which was a sit down with my facilitators to discuss my progress so far in studio,  my aspirations in a career stand point and how I can better you process to meet these ends.

Talk to Text

This is something that has been a point of improvement for longer than I would like to admit. When it comes to our discussion in a group environment I can articulate my ideas as easy as I think of them. I able elaborate on my own ideas and run different trains of thought with other groups ideas and stumbling points in design and development.

When it comes down to typing these thought down onto a page be it documentation or a blog like this, quickly and effectually that is where this hits a pretty large hurtle and a drain in time.

Speech to text is something that I have heard of and is something that I’m going to endeavour to look into. That this point in time I haven’t began to use this tool in all of my work but have trailed a few different programs to see which are better and use and which have an accurate interpretation of voice.

So far “Speechnote” is become a strong favourite and feel, to me like the reliable tool. Keep an eye on this space and there should be a great improvement in the quality of my blog and designs.

Time Management 

Improving my time management is going to come to discipline and scheduling. Setting achievable deadlines and always sticking to these constraints that I set myself, will help my work become more fluent with its completion and the quality of work that I create will be of a higher standard. I was recommenced s program to help with my personal scheduling proved useful. Trello is a tool that is in some ways a digital to do list which has proving useful for me. It has help clear up all those scraps of paper laying round my desk with half don to do list and note that mean nothing 2 seconds after I have written them.
Trello is also an app for iOS which means these list are on hand when I need them and can be updated anywhere. This will mean that at a glance I can update and make sure in using my time wisely
this being said how I plan this allotted time for work is another way that I will improve my time management and my piece of mind. Setting time limits for tasks into 20 – 40mins increments, instead of 1 – 2 hours is something that I’m starting to do. Hopefully with continued dedication to this my productively will increase and better my work. Additionally, continuing to implement a team calendar and project schedule will ensure project success, and the margin for error will deplete significantly.
With Project 3 and my new teams I have been placed in, we have completed a working project calendar and schedule which has been converted into a Gantt chart. Out lines and planning these jobs early, means that we can start developing the project, and we are not going to be stressed on these little thing later in the project where they hurt more than the little time it take to put these in place before hand.

This Gantt chart that our team has developed is only in its rough stages, but I have already seen improvements in my personal scheduling and knowing what tasks I should be working on and how much time to devote to them.

Hopefully with addressing these elements in my own soft skill I will be able to find more areas to improve to help me in their future as we all know you never stop learning.



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