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When I grow up I want to be….


Well “grow up” isn’t something that’s going to happen because in some people’s eyes that mean not liking or pertaining in them childish things like video and cartoon. But I’ll be partaking in both of these when I’m far past 80.

But in a sense of a career or life goals I have already met some of these milestones in my life. It wasn’t until I meet a put where I was able to tackle full time study that I thought of making the one thing I found myself doing most weekend with my wife or friends some that I wanted to dive into.

My industry

Looking at the gaming industry and how I have interacted with it in the place, I noticed that I wasn’t like most people I know. I didn’t really put myself in that “consumer” brackets. I bought games yes but I would all break down what was wrong with them and discuss with people these elements and how they worked or didn’t work. Where others would only worry about the AAA titles or only what was being talked about.

Once I started my course and I was in my first trimester I began to know that this way of thinking and tackling games was something that I had so much to learn about. While my studies are game design focused I thought I would move away from this into some other area of making a game. But I found the area of design being the part I found the most fun, yes that means having you game idea riddled with holes of cretic and improvement, but this throw new challenges and ideas that I need to devise to come up with solutions.

What I Enjoy?

From before my course and now during it having also after finishing level design section of my course, I have definitely realised that this is something that I have enjoyed found that I’m able execute quite well.

The Major things I enjoy from games and doing:

  • Creating game spaces that both look good and play well is something that I have learnt and like to achieve within a game space.
  • Games that are simple to look but have a great complex level of interaction and mechanics at work.
  • Environments that don’t have you saying “will that is just not right”. Making game area like authentic enough so you don’t question the look of an area.
  • The iteration of game design and improving of ideas or a project.

What I Love?

On a large scale

wit hall these game and studios below, the environments is one thing but its how with these location the players have a lot of other things that players can interact with and these this could be nothing of great importunate but the time and effort  have been taken for this little story to be told.

Witcher 3 – CD project red

The last of us level and environment design.

The last of Us – Naughty Dog


Bethesda’s works

Bethesda – Doom

On a Small scale but in a Good way.

Smaller games like the ones below I’ve focused on recently as the industry in Brisbane isn’t prone to large AAA studios. But is smaller studio’s with big ideas that are coming out game that through the use of the level are able to evoke great environmental story telling with out the use of words or cut scenes.

Limbo / Inside


Limbo level Design.

Engine and editors I’ve used to begin.

Here are some of what i have made in the past, that have been driven from what i have experienced in other games. With the portal 2 level below use lighting and colour contrast to help draw the players eye and highlight areas important areas.

Project Spark.

Level Design that was before SAE Course.

Portal 2 level creator and Hammer editor

No Hammer.png


Portal 2 level (Hammer editor )

At this stage in my learning i’m searching for a variety of tool and techniques but know that here is far more that i don’t know that i want to know which will help me grow in my abilities.



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