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Giveth Taketh Board Game Pitch


This week on Monday, in a new team we pitch our new game idea, Giveth Taketh. Giveth Taketh is a player trading game that will have players swap and draw token from each other and a bag to complete a code of colours. The game has several was that player play compatibly against each other. Winning won’t be hard be if players pay attention they will be able to achieve this in a quicker fashion.

Giveth Taketh

Room for Change

That this stage of the game design all the members of our group have good knowledge of the concept and what we wanted to achieve. During the pitch I could have done a better job of articulating the idea and not have it mushed up and the nerves of the moment. Throwing your idea to the winds of change is a great way to find new points of view but always come with a reluctant   sense of hesitation. Also the effective use of a 5 minute pitch can be tough to get the important information across. This internal pitch was a step to help us better improve our skills for an external pitch to collaborator and peer audience.


As part of every pitch there are 4 areas of feedback that are giving for an audience. These consist of:

Feedback with Colourful Comments Symbol

Clarifying Questions

After our pitch there where a few question that people asked to help understand:

  • Some about the where about help understand the player interaction as this was a rushed part of the slides.
  • There where question in regards to the bag of random that we are using and how the player will know what is happening if this will be fun for players.

Warm Feedback/ Cool Feedback

We were giving a lot of warm and cool feedback for our idea, this was a great boost in moving forward as it meant that we could see have worked what didn’t quite come around or be understood as we had hoped. This help us question element of our own design in ways that we hadn’t thought of. For instance it had us asking the question do we need this, is this something that could be explained better or if x and y didn’t work why is this the case.

Warm feedback on the premise of real world scientists, and this feel of a steampunk like theme where well received and the game board idea of an atom with three cross over path was an idea that was like and felt like it had great parental.


Board concept

Cool feedback help cement the importance of areas that we were unsure of and felt that we could work into out game better and the probing question also help drive home these question and elements

Probing Questions

These question came up in the cool feedback as things players didn’t but also that they felt that this could be done differently

Q. Have considered complexity?

This was in regards to what the player was able to do on a turn and how the players were able to interact with each other in an interesting way. As it felt like players at this point where just alone for the ride and where not about to change the course of play much at their own accord.


We decided to make this accessible to players viva the interdiction of card that the players are able to play on their turn in was to help them self’s or disadvantage others.

Q. For what reasons would a player chose to hold on to the “bad” colour?

This question was ask as player had to complete a code of coloured tokens and because player need these colours having colours that didn’t help you to this goal just seem to be a waste and with no way for you the owner of the tokens to pass them to another player.

The only way these would leave you pile was of a player randomly took one from you but the receiving player had no way of knowing, was this a good thing I did? Was this a bad thing? With this it had us asking why they are doing this. So we started to think of was players could find out info about what players wanted or didn’t want by way of their action and how to make this apparent to players.


On the back side of this first pitch the team has a lot on our minds to help make the game a much better version of itself and  with a external pitch on Wednesday we hope to have these charge we are to make be well received. Onward and upwards.


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