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Scripting Goodbyes.


Another trimester another Module down and scripting for game developers was one of my more worrying units. In saying this thought I have learned a great deal in such a short amount of time, no-doubt  improve my skill set in the projects to come.

Over this trimester in GAM111 we have covered many different scripting techniques in C#. We did by covering a different weekly game brief , and ideally we would end up with a prototype games at the end of every few weeks.

SHMUP Weeks 1 – 3 Brief: “The player moves through a scrolling, top down environment, shooting and destroying enemy ships. The player earns points for destroying ships and collecting the rewards (health, ammo) they may leave behind. At the end of the level, the player is confronted with a much larger, boss-like enemy. Upon destroying this boss, the player is confronted with a score screen informing them of their score and number of enemies destroyed.”




Survival Shooter

Week 3 – 6 Brief: The player must fight off waves of spawning enemies in an exciting FPS arena. The player is awarded points for the time they stay alive for as well as the enemies they defeat. The primary weapon will consist of a rocket launcher, with rocket packs (ammunition) scattered around the level. Jump pads will provide additional mobility, as well as the option for rocket jumping.


State Driven Side Scroller

Week 6 – 9 Brief: The player must traverse a 2.5D side scrolling environment, fighting simple AI enemies. The player will control an animated character that can walk, jump and perform a melee attack. Enemies will patrol along platforms by default. If the player is both within line of sight and within an enemy’s aggro range they will instead attack the player. The player wins by either killing all the enemies or getting to the end of the level.


Real Time Strategy 

Week 9 – 12 Brief: The player must move and control characters and place buildings from a top down, isometric perspective. The player must complete a simple objective, such as destroying enemy units or a base, surviving for as long as possible against waves of enemies or reaching an economic goal (e.g. building an important or expensive structure). The objective of this prototype game is not as important as the underlying RTS mechanics and paradigms.

Implementing  various scripting practices through the means of creating games was a great way to see how relevant they are to the creative process. Personally this has helped me understand and be able to code game action in a better and more logical fashion Now I’m able to use this same code in other games to get other features working. With the logical implementation


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