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State-Driven Side Scroller. (Week 8)

The weeks brief is focusing on State – Driven Side Scroller, this instantly had me reminiscing to old titles like Super Metoird and Wonder Boy 3.


Task description

“The player must traverse a 2.5D side scrolling environment, fighting simple AI enemies. The player will control an animated character that can walk, jump and perform a melee attack. Enemies will patrol along platforms by default. If the player is both within line of sight and within an enemy’s aggro range they will instead attack the player. The player wins by either killing all the enemies or getting to the end of the level. “

Across the duration of the tutorial we covered camera functionality and running animation and a state system. Working with animation and states is something that i had never touch on and found it easy to impairment and i feel it can get crazy complex and yield some awesome results.

Next week we’re starting on the final project assessment for the Trimester. Its a top-down 3D Strategy/Economy based game. I looking at making a survival RTS but it’ll be similar to game where you gather resources and time to last as long as you can or to a set time limit, this will cover the games must have main feature. The first being resource based economy, the player will acquired this by harvesting, generating or maintaining. This will lend to the second feature, where the player will be able to place/build structures.


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