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SHMUP round up. FPS Assessment Groundings. (Week 4)

The SHMUP is come to a close. Implementation was rather solid, and these are the components that I managed to get ready, the SHMUP includes: 2 weapons, 1 enemy, enemy navigation, simple particle effects for various weapon explosions, and finally game play audio. I would have liked to get more included, but limitations in time, as i needed to focus on my Angry Cars assessment.

So following the SHMUP, we have been handed our second game brief. We are creating a survival FPS. There are a variety of new features that were introduced to us , including a very, very useful and easy to implement feature of Unity.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 1.10.57 AM.png

NavMesh Agent Tutorial: I implemented this component for the enemies within the Survival FPS, draws them towards the player, throughout the whole map. This video gave me a good understanding of the Navigational abilities within Unity, It’s awesome and made easy.

Below are some game play screen shot’s for Devil Daggers, as an example of  whats possible  .

Week 5 Blog Image(4).jpg

Although these are for our game game brief, we also have our first assessment task due soon. What we are required to complete is a 3D physics based game, here is the brief : “You are required to design and implement a 3D physics game that is a cross between an arcade driving/sports games (e.g. Trackmania, Rocket League) and artillery wars-like games such as Angry Birds!”.


Here are examples, of the type of game were aiming for. Here are screenshots from the titles (Burnout, Crash the Castle, and Trackmania).



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