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Angry Bird meets Burnout / Angry Cars Assessment (Week 5)

With the first Assessment’s deadline looming , all of my time has been devoted getting the brief meet. With my assessment progress going relatively to plan I haven’t had to much complied stressed, and feel I’m getting the hang of this uni thing people talk about.

I have managed to have a very productive week with all of my university work, especially scripting! I had two steady 6+ hour sessions spent on scripting over the week, it feels great getting some real work done. This is my ‘Angry Cars’ project at this point.



Screenshot (3).pngAs you can see above, this is my UnityProject, there are still a number of features that I am yet to implement, but at this stage I have managed to complete these areas of my game:

  • Spinning diamond  PickUps (Collect these for additional Multiplayer )
  • Model Race Track (Driven through by the player, before launching into blocks)
  • Car Jumps ( that apply force to the players car)
  • Car Driving & Car Boost (Provided by Lecturer; Unity Settings + Scripts/ Code)
  • Audio Assets (Coin PickUps + Game Music)
  • Art Assets (For the hay barriers, Ramps, terrain, etc..)
  • Scoring Platform (This is where the final blocks will be placed and score not only when player hits but also when they fall)
  • GUI (Score, Timer, Attempts, multiplier)

So as you can see, I have managed to get heaps done. And most of it, being the larger elements of my game which are more time consuming tasks, such as the track building and physics areas within the Unity Editor. In the following days, leading up to my next blog post, I will be delving further into my ‘Angry Cars’ project, by getting all the requirements from the game brief implemented and hopefully have them all polished by next week’s class. Submission for this project is next Friday!



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