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SHMUP Cont. ( Week 3 )

This weeks tutorial covered a lot of key areas of implementation, there was an inoculation of some new mechanics to make the game even better, a shout to a fellow class mate and good friend who filled me in and gave me some pointers. ( you should check him out)

These mechanical additions ranged from small improvements to visual effects within the project like trail renders for players projectiles, to more game play function mechanics improving the enemies response to the player (tracking and attacking the player accordingly).

As i was unable to attend the lecture do to personal reasons, i was able to catch up with implementing these elements out of class. With my group task SHUMP from a previous tri, where had a programmer implement most of the element that were covered from the tutorial and also element such as a scroll back ground and different enemy behaviour. this week was a good chance for my self to try these for my self as i was covering the heavy design work for the project. (my strong point i might add).

this unity page helped me better under stand what our SHMUP was going and i was surprised that it doesn’t take much to get thing working.

With several enemy types in this project it can be difficult balancing the play of the game, what I found was that when I implemented a 2nd and 3rd enemy type into a project, It would then become hard to scale health accordingly and evenly, all 3 enemy type need to have differences to add verity to play. Also helps you differentiate between each other besides there physical appearance.

Having these enemies able to take varying amount of hits before they go down and act differently as was to tell them apart,

first enemies moves slow from left to right on vector and have a forward transform to move the down toward the player and were easy to kill,

The second tracked toward the player and were slightly stronger

and the third with i wasn’t able to get in, was to be a combination of the first too and hit back hard on the players health, there would be less of this as not to make the player experience to difficult.

So after this week hiccups i was still able to come out with some element implemented, I  know have a better understanding personal on how to script the elements, having only seen them in code and know what they do but not how they are doing it was all i knew before this week.


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