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Scripting for Game developer ( Take 2 ) Week 2

Starting another trimester at SAE Collage and this trimester sees me giving my second scripting a another go, as i dropped from my last tri to improve on my work load a t the time. “Scripting for Game Developers” will have me making a SHMUP, FPS and a Tower defence games. 

Scripting for Game Developers (GAM111)

This unit extends the knowledge gained from previous units into more advanced scripting possibilities and game specific areas. Common game requirements such as 3D cameras, collision, input control schemes, basic gameplay mechanics and introductory AI are covered in an applied context in an abstracted language allowing students to build confidence in their abilities. As a consequence of working in an abstracted, middleware package, students are also exposed to pipeline, version control and bug tracking methodology as used in the contemporary games market. Students approach these topics in both a critical and practical fashion.

Due to My Production Class assessment in my last tri being a  space SHMUP, this weeks scripting class work of a space SHMUP was more of a refresher to what i had already done. Our class work for this scripting class was to implement a top-down 2.5D SHMUP. Each individual is required to produce a player ship equipped with 3 alternative weapons, a scrolling backdrop game-environment, implement at least 2 enemies that can seek out the player, shoot and drop health or ammunition, a final boss, and a HUD, title, game over screen as well as polished audio and music. As per instruction, I will be writing blog posts on a weekly basis in relation to this subject, so keep and eye out for things that i have learn that might help you out too.

Im looking forward to the addition of other weapons and enemy ai, as design is a find my self getting carried away with the look and premiss, and not the nuts and bolts of is functionality, with this being the second take I’m understanding the application of the C# code, with a lecturer that explains and demonstrate what we are trying to achieve, very well.

Looking forward to improve my scripting know how this tri and to a good year.


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