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Games for Young and Old.

323a8315078a3c1084281df298377b3bThis week we covered some interesting content on how creative media is developing content for different audiences and being aware of users accessibility (such as vision, hearing and mobility) or to consider diversity race, gender, sexuality and religion.

For any thing that you want to create in any creative media industry you need to be creating with a audience in mind and not yourself. This hasn’t been the case in industries in the past. Knowing your audience is and designing your game for them has been done in the past but the diversity of the audience or content has been set in similar trends.

When designing video games i want to ask myself ask yourself  “How will this person play, what do these people thing, feel, want to feel?”.  These are things as a white, male , age 25-35 I don’t know about when it comes to other demographics of people. This has giving me a greater drive to know more about area or about people so that i can better portray or honor a demographic.

horizon-zero-dawn-screen-03-us-15jun15The first video talks about the Bechdel test and how this was a way of including females into creative media and telling stories from another point of view or with other drives and priorities . This is something that is beginning to change for the better with game releases in the future.

dkhrlrsfnz5pehzbqjdcZero Dawn, Mirrors Edge, Dishonored 2. These three title are just a few the are examples of games of putting females in the lead protagonist instead of have females in a role so that they are just there for the sake of someone else. There are ways to promote women in video games without over sexualising them, using them as objects.

dishonored-2-mainWhat has come to my attention through this research that make for a stereotypes as it is important when creating content that expresses inclusive design, not just in gender issues but race and different sexuality types too. Looking into the different perspectives for expressing a social group other than your own is important. Its important to understand who you are trying to portray and get to know about the from their point of view and not what you think that point of view might be, this is how a lot of  miscommunicated accrues  due to a linear perspective.

Once we can cater to of points of view the game content of future title will begin to become more diversity and less receptivity and step away from the current conventions.


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