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Copyrights and Contracts?

This week content about copyright and contracts open up my mind to a lot of area of creative industry that I had no real previous knowledge about. In the past i have sign contracts and seen copyright on many thing but never really put any thought into it but now i’m in a creative media i can see its importance. I see that is importance is so that people works protected and if you agree to a contract with another party it is so that you and them are set a range of entitlements and rules to follow.

giphyThere isn’t anything in these group of content that i can relate to  my own experiences or know how as i have engaged in ether of these in a extensive way. I do know that it’s important to make sure I know where to use copyright  so as my work isn’t used in ways that i might not want it to or I don’t get the credit for that work. Also it was a good eye opener for me as we make a example contract and had to put what we thing into this document and it easy to underestimate the elements that are need into a contract. So that there are any holes or loop holes that might disadvantage you don the track. A massive amount of the contract was literally to tell both parties who held ownership the creative works, what happened to these creative works if the company where to disbanded or go bankrupt, if any royalties would be paid to the creator and in the event of an auction of the company’s content, where and who the content would go to first, just to scratch the surface. All of this wasn’t the first things to come to mind when i first consider what would go into a contract and these raised more question and confined that need to be defined. I see now that contracts and copyright are here for a very important reason and that they shouldn’t be over looked. they help out line and cover all parties involved and are so that if anything dose go terrible wrong there has been set in place a way to work through the difficultly.

By recreating a contract, it hgiphy (1)as opened my eyes to a new aspect of these documents in a professional mindset that I’d never even considered. Its enlightening to see what is covered in them, and something that I’m glad I learnt about. Now I feel my future work will be treated with respect, ill be better to understand and work a document to cover it . Ill find myself reading the thing with greater attention in the future.


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