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Your Income & Your Art

downloadThe lecture content for this week is was about income in our art. I’m not expecting to gain income from making games but it’s something that is needed to make them. This brought to the forefront of my mind that I’m not personally focused on the amount of money that I’m going to make doing this as a career. But the Praise I will get for the work.

I haven’t thought or really had any preconception of the amount of money I want to make. Most of my previous jobs I have done just to get money and haven’t really push for more money or complained about what I did get. The outlook I’ve have had is on the enjoyment I will get out of working in this creative industry and the positive effect and things that will come from my work instead of what monetary value that would come from it if any at all.

This got me thinking of the industry and the possibility of work, be it in a large company and guidance and working in a team or a small studio with a select team and a different working environment. I think the Amount of money I have won’t get me to either of these places. Among the material the term “Psychic income” didn’t have any resonance with me. Finding out that it refers to what you gain from work being notice it holes a lot more value than any amount of money can.

download (1)As my studies are my only step into this industry and this is something that I can begin to build and work on so that in the future it will give the industry a place to look and say “well OK this is what he has down what he is capable of” and hopefully greatly increase that chance of people seeing my work and something coming from this.

Without this form of currency video games and the industry wouldn’t be heading the way it is if popularity and have a greater audience of people seeing and knowing about people work. Wealthy Companies could pump out all this work and content and for what if one knew who they were. Twenty years ago this wouldn’t be possible but now with social media games and gaming are a big thing, even on level were people don’t even realize games are having an impact to their lives  This topic of “psychic income” is valuable, money, resource, hard work and income to pay for this work is what goes into making a game. But psychic income that is what sells a game.


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