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Scripting Progress Blog

Scripting Update

Week 1

This First lesson was all about pong. Starting with a blank canvas and building pong, I found that I was able to get something working pretty easily and quickly. In doing so however I found some new ways to work the game logic and found these to work better for me and remove some room for error that I had found in my previous trimester. With what I had learned up until this point I’m finding myself using and implementing and my current work and upon doing so I’m finding new question and problem that I wish to solve.                    Its is only the beginning but I have some big Ideas that i would like to work towards


Week 2

This week due to commitment in Sydney and lack access to unity, physical work on my SHMUP was not possible. But there were still plenty of research on thing that I was not 100% sure about of how to implement.  I looking to enemy movement and also how to make this movement not silly. I found how to move them down screen and from left to right.

I have the player movement and shooting down and enemy’s dying after taking enough hits and depleting health.

I compiled a list of things elements that I have worked out will add to the game.

  • Have the player and enemy die if the crash into each other.
  • Enemies randomly firing back at player.
  • And some asset hunting.

Working toward getting these in my SHMUP is something I’m looking forward to implementing this week.


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