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Your Professional Identity & How We Are the Same

This week I explored the similarities between different disciplines in the creative media industry and the hardships that are shared between each of them. Be it Low Pay, Job Security and Long Hours are all things the these disciplines struggle to balance.monopoly-guy

Some of which I already understanding of my discipline. And the most important thing in this creative industry is HARD work! The video in this week material of all different creative artist working in this creative industry many can find themselves working for larger companies in the industry, creating work that they may necessarily not want to be creating. Many of these people say they would rather be creating their own pieces of work, so as they would have a greater freedom to work.

Life doesn’t work this way and it dictates that we need a job and a career, so not having a job to pay the bills. we go out and find that “Pay’s the bills” job, so to say. I found that I could relate this weeks lecture to myself quiet easily. I worked as a cabinet maker for 6 year. Left the industry to looking in to gaming more then just what you play. I love my job but the industry didn’t have a bright future. But it set in place important skills such as multi-tasking, how to prioritize, job deadlines, helping and working with other in a group. It gave me insight that I can apply to this industry.

Another point I found very informative was the documentary ‘Inspire: A documentary about creativity’. Created by a collective group of industry professionals, explaining their journey in there industries and what they love about what they do. Some words that I found greatly motivation within this documentary were from Dawn Diovera – “When you have the courage to create, your willing to challenge the unknown, and its okay not to know!”. These words have a positive drive on my future ambitions in the industry.

Interestingly, the things I have taken away from this weeks lecture is I know a bit how having a drive to achieve your goal, and in the past I got to that goal different. But it work the same in a creative industry like this. By being confronted by these key factors of the industry in my first trimester with SAE, ensures that I am better prepared for the tasks that are to come in my studies and what they will fuel in the future


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