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Me And Media

Me and Media  

I have been influenced by a lot of different medium over the years and I find that I’ve changed how I interact with media as the means of accessing it evolve my knowledge and perspective. I use social media as a way to promote what I like or find interesting content to share with people I know, but I don’t feel I need public gratification to come from it. I share things to people that I know will find it interesting and most of the time it informs them to something they were not aware of and that has them engage in media and thus the cycle continues. When it comes to print media I find that visual media has a strong influence and the content of it, be it gaming or movie news, novels based on games or extensions of games. I try and find different medium about the some content as a way to get a variety of insights and options about that content, instead of taking the most popular opinion. I use it as a way to show people how different forms of media can have beneficial outcomes, strong messages and be ways to communicate new initiatives to a larger audience that sometimes are publicly aware.

Is it an addiction or an attraction? That depends on what you use social media for I think.    There is great potential for social media being a way to inform the up and coming generation of important topic and ideals or just as a way to administer the daily fix of entertainment. I think it will also have a hard to fighting with the stigma of popular, if what topic are trying to get across isn’t  interesting enough to get the attention that it might need. I enjoy it when you can take a piece of media and show the good outcomes from it and have people start to see there are ways to uses these new means of social media to interact with people. Instead of fear any new ways of technological interactions, as is some more publicly share opinions, we should teach and have a safe understanding of the dangers and embrace and use social media to better and improve things in all walks of life.